Bartender and Waitress Services

Is your party located at a cottage, grandmums house or a studio apartment? No problem, we will get there! We operate in South west Finland and Turku archipelago!

Are you having a party and don´t know what beverages to serve? Are you tired to serve the same old punch every time or perhaps you have a big event coming and don´t know where to start to plan your drinks? You have come to the right place!  We have everything from menu planning to bartender service. Contact us so we can start planning your evening together that will impress all your guests!

We  offer you custom solutions for all your beverage needs. 

Get to know us!

Å Catering is a happy little company that over flows with enthusianism and ideas! Our goal is to create new and inovative ideas to excide all your expectations!

Å Catering offers services in Finnish, Swedish and English!